L'Arte di Anna Morra

The artist finds her inspiration in Minervino Murge, in Apulia, in a 1860's Ancient House, where his atelier and personal gallery are located.

She expresses her natural talent in pictorial works characterized by a personal chromaticism, using natural elements such soil, sand, stones and fragments of eggshell, archetypes linked to the anchorage of life.

She paints en plein air, among olive trees, in contact with the earth, on large canvas surfaces, physically entering them.

The constant pursuit of the sense of things, the sinking of hands into matter, in the most ancestral part of the Land of Puglia and of itself; she calls her own art "ANCESTRAL ART", because it is loaded with primitive instinct.

Inspired by his "ANCESTRAL ART", she senses with the passage of time, the inner need to communicate her art to the general public, the joy of living and his philosophy of life as a positivist.


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